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The World’s Quietest Room

Scientists at Minneapolis’ Orfield Labs created their own soundless room, an anechoic chamber. Their studies have found that when putting subjects within the chamber, they begin to hallucinate within 30 minutes. 

With an average quiet room having a sound level of 30 decibels, the anechoic chamber’s sound level is -9 decibels. The ceiling, floor, and walls of the chamber absorb sound rather than have it bounce off as normal objects do. The chamber is so quiet that the subjects can even hear their own organs functioning.

Although extremely interesting, the experience is rather unpleasant. Not one subject has spent more than 45 minutes in the chamber alone. Leaving a person to only their thoughts, the chamber could drive them insane.

I want to be here. I want to see the deeper parts of my thoughts, and maybe figure some things out.

the room makes you literally go insane after an extended period of time

its not serene its fucking horrifying did you even read the post

i wanna try it

I’ve been there. They had one of the loudest people scream into the corner of the room, and it was muffled so much that it was like he was yelling from across a football field.

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