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dave and john in a blanket fort kissing or something stupid i dont care i love your art <3


so, uh, they’re probably at a slumber party or something?  And obviously making a fort and having a slumber party is super ironic, so Dave was like “I have to be the most ironic.”  So he wore fuzzy pink bunny slippers (ironically), his “World’s Best Grandma” T-shirt (also ironically), and heart boxers (not as ironically but still ironic).  Then John, in his green button-up pajamas (worn unironically), kisses Dave, and Dave totally blushes (which is so not ironic)!

Posted on May 05, 2011
Tagged: #Art #Homestuck #I don't think this is ironic enough #John and Dave #baconbreath #kay art

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    you are not serious you cannot be serious right now
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    kissing another man generally implies homosexuality so yes i am
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    is this what you two do at slumber parties
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